Indoor stalls

Economic option of boxes

Front wall 3x2m 6000,-KČ
Side wall 3x2m 4000,-KČ
Side wall full 3x2m 5000,-KČ
Front wall 4x2m 7000,-KČ
Side wall 4x2m 5000,-KČ
Side wall full 4x2m 6000,-KČ

Standard boxes with sliding doors.

Front wall 3×2.2m 12800,-KČ
Front wall 4×2.2m 13500,-KČ
Side wall 3×2.2m 9000,-KČ
Side wall full 3×2.2m 9000,-KČ
Side wall 4×2.2m 9500,-KČ
Side wall full 4×2.2m 11000,-KČ

Comfortable boxes

Front wall 3×2.2m up 15000,-KČ
Side wall 3×2.2m up 9500,-KČ
feeding opening 1000,-KČ
Hlavová zábrana 2000,-KČ

Outdoor stalls

Outdoor stalls are made in a combination of hot-dip galvanized steel as the frame, completed with timbering or timbering plus insulation, which is designed in a stacked panel system. The stalls are manufactured in standard measures of 3x3m.

box 48000,-KČ
2box 74000,-KČ
3box 98000,-KČ
thermally insulated box 58000,-KČ
thermally insulated 2box 86000,-KČ
thermally insulated 3box 116000,-KČ

Horse shelters

Shelters are made in a combination of hot-dip galvanized steel as the frame, completed with timbering, which is constructed in a stacked panel system.

3x3m 29000,-KČ
3x6m 39000,-KČ
3x9m 44000,-KČ
4x4m 32000,-KČ
8x4m 48000,-KČ
12x4m 55000,-KČ
14x4m 68000,-KČ

Other products

Round pen 29800,-KČ
Texas panel 3500,-KČ
Stable dors and windows including frames up 8000,-KČ
Saddle carts classic 1900,-KČ
Saddle carts – terrain wheels
Mounting blocks 1x2m 10500,-KČ
Mounting blocks 1x2m, wheelchair acces
Hey feeder 7000,-KČ
Outdoor hey feeder (round) up 3500,-KČ
Wheelbarrow 2900,-KČ

We offer very large discounts since taking fewer pieces, everything depends on the agreement.

These are only estimated prices..

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